Terms and Conditions-db

Important Note Regarding Lighting It is important that the ceremony venue be well lit as videographers will not use camera lights during the ceremony unless a lighting package is specifically included in the package pricing. Camera lights will be used, when necessary, during the reception videotaping. Strong backlighting in a dark room can also impede the quality of the video. We do our best to capture sound and optimal footage but we have no control over a live event and circumstances can prevent us from capturing every nuance. If there are specific people/moments you would llike covered please consult with us beforehand or during the event. Studio takes utmost care with respect to exposure, editing, duplication and delivery of video products and services offered. In the event the Studio fails to comply with the terms of this agreement, due to any event outside the control of the Studio, including fire, flood, tornado, theft, etc., the Studio’s liability is limited to the package price.]]>