Over sixty percent of visitors will watch a website video before they read any text

Internet statistics show that of one hundred visitors to your website about fifty percent will bounce (leave without clicking on any link.) Most visitors won’t read more than twenty percent of your written content. Five percent will not scroll on any page and only four percent will stay and read for more than ten minutes. Websites need to work harder than ever.
Over sixty percent of visitors, on the other hand, will watch a video before they read any text. Sixty-eight percent of users share videos they like on social media. 

An email with a video link yields a ninety-six percent increase in click-through rates. A video allows a company to present an overview of its product or service in a friendly, engaging and concise way. It’s as close as you can come to starting a one-on-one relationship with each visitor. A video can also include a call to action or direct visitors to other parts of the site, helping them find the information they’re looking for. It may introduce them to the vision of the owner, give them insight into your history or show them the depth and breadth of your many capabilities.